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July 13, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

Well, looks like it did not survive, I got the battery signal but nothing else.  So…


I decided on the blue one this time as it is my favorite color and I have no clue why I got the pink one before.  None the less, it is almost ready to charge and I will be wearing it on a pair of shorts outside that I would have to take off to go in the pool!  No more wearing on the bikini, lol

What is that yummy salad you ask? It is my favorite, except I prefer a head of butter lettuce instead of the mixed greens.  It is Buffalo Mozzarella (the real stuff imported from Italy), Organic Mixed Greens and Tomatoes from our garden with a splash of EVOO I purchased in Italy, right from the small, family owned factory!  Delicious, hints of pepper, etc. and yes, I realize that is a lot of Mozz, lol but trying to keep my protein around 40%, Fat 20-30% and rest carbs so it all balances out in a balanced diet.  So good!

Looking forward to a nice evening swimming with some good friends and a 5 am wakeup call to go and get 12 miles in before the heat of the day gets me!  I’m supposed to meet Team in Training for this run tomorrow, but since they are not leaving till 7:15 or so when it is already predicted to be 71F and sunny I want to get as many miles in as possible before that and then just head over there to finish.

What are your weekend plans?


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