RIP Fitbit???


July 13, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

I just got a Fitbit and an Aria scale over a week ago. For those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about, check it out here ! For an athlete or anyone who wants to lose weight – it is the greatest thing ever!!!

Before my Fitbit, I was hooked on my Body Media Fit Core Armband – yes, an armband – something I don’t really want on my arm in the summer for multiple reasons. I discovered this in a magazine over New Years and thought it would be an awesome training tool to see how many calories I actually burn and make sure I eat enough to fuel my running. So, when I was walking in Best Buy the other week and the white gleam of the Aria scale caught my eye, I had to look more.

I LOVE the Fitbit! It clips onto the waist band of my pants and I forget about it…

That is a great thing except when I clip it onto my bikini bottom and FORGET about it….

Why is there a bag of Jasmine rice by my Mac with a black thing peeking out of it you ask? (Ok, see we really do eat healthy as the only rice we had in the house was a brown variety, lol)

Let’s just say it was clipped to my bikini bottom and went unnoticed for at least an hour while I was leisurely floating about in the pool… the salt water pool…

That being said, my Bodymedia fit is on the charger as I love seeing my sleep patterns each night and I have a 12 mile run coming up on Saturday morning that I MUST TRACK my calories for! UGH! I love the Fitbit though! It is so much easier and cuter! Perhaps a trip to Best Buy might be needed in the am if it does not dry up. I’m expecting the worst because of the salt water. More to come.


4 thoughts on “RIP Fitbit???

  1. jes8284 says:

    My FITBIT took an unexpected dip in the ocean last week on vacation 😦 I just got it the week before too. it is sitting in a bowl of rice right now, but how did yours turn out? Do I need to buy a new one?

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