My Hunger Games


July 15, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!


For about a year and a few months now, since my allergy diagnosis, I have been following a “eat clean”, paelo type diet consisting of organic meats, cheeses, yogurts, veggies and fruits.  I was initially diagnosed allergic to quite a few veggies, but since meeting with a U of M Allergist, have been adding them back in with much success.  I gave up wheat 3 months ago.  I am not allergic to it, but can tell it affects my seasonal allergies so I rarely eat it.  I also rarely eat rice, and can not have any beans due to anaphylaxis risk.

So, I have been using my Fitbit (previously my Body Media Fit) to make sure that calories in = calories out.  My trainer informed me that I will not be able to properly convert fat into muscle unless I am eating what I am expending.  I am not trying to loose weight, but trying to reduce my body fat and get in awesome shape.  I aim for about 40% protein each day and this, as well as eating enough calories, is what I struggle with.  Sure it is pretty easy to eat 2,500 calories a day or so on crap food, but when you eat organic meats, yogurts, fruits and veggies that is ALOT of food, lol, to get the daily quota.  I do pretty good each day and my secret has been using organic Whey protein powder 3x a day to get my protein levels above my fat levels.  You will quickly learn I LOVE healthy fats – EVOO, avocados, lean grass fed beef, sunflower seeds and yes,  my buffalo mozzarella and the occasional bag of 365 Organic Potato Chips (not a really healthy fat, but in the grand scheme of things I need to snack too).

Blog Story:

I had a protein drink Friday night around 9 pm, my Beyond Organic Suero Vi Whey protein plain beverage mixed with Maximized Living Chocolate protein powder.  This usually holds me over really well.  Awoke at 3 am to the sound of the body brush (thought it was a bath brush when I bought it, but quickly discovered it is a bath brush – oh well, good for my dosha to keep my pitta in balance, lol) falling into the bath tub.  How do I know you ask?  I was the one who had to get up to see what that loud noise was that scared the crap out of us!  None the less I was starving and thought to myself maybe I should get a protein drink or at least some yogurt, but was too lazy and fell back asleep.

The alarm went off at 5 am Saturday morning and I was up and out of the house with the plan to do 6 miles around the house then go and meet Team in Training to do the other 6 of my 12 planned miles.  I figured I would eat between the runs so I filled up my drink bottle with coconut water and headed out.  Well, plans changed.  The run actually was going so well I just decided to complete all 12 miles within a 1 mile square radius and get it done… but, I was getting hungry.  I did make it home where Hubby was waiting for me with a yogurt drink, but should have never left the house without at least a little bit of something in my stomach.

Lesson learned, if I am hungry I should eat.  Sometimes runs go different than you plan them to 😉 All ended well though


2 thoughts on “My Hunger Games

  1. TNTCoachKen says:

    Not a clue what you were drinking!

    • runfastmama says:

      My chiropractor hooked me onto this stuff. It is from Beyond Organic and it is basically Whey – the product left over from the cheese making process. I have heard a ton of good reviews on it for health. Beyond Organic also has other beverages (although maybe not to your taste, lol) like natural organic sport drink types, cultured dairy beverage as well as grass fed organic meats and cheeses. The website is If you are interested in ordering, let me know and I will get you my Chiropractors link to do so 😉 It is good stuff!

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