The Trouble with an Instant World

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July 16, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

Checked FB this am, first thing as usual, and saw a post about the Rock & Roll Chicago Half Marathon this weekend.  Wow, wouldn’t that be sweet to get my 14 miles in (ok, yes I will have to run a bit less than a mile extra to get the full 14) and a medal and go to an expo???

I quickly went online and saw a link to register!  Assuming it was still open (my first mistake) I posted to my friends on FB about this “opportunity” and to see who wanted to join me for a road trip.  Had 3 takers in a matter of 15 minutes so went to check out hotels.  Saw some on Orbitz, so ok, went back to get registered.

That is where the trouble started.  Clicked on the link to register (in BIG RED LETTERS) and it looped me back to the page I was just on.  Clicked again, and same thing… HMMM, odd.  Clicked again then read the fine print.  Registration ended at 11:59pm July 15th.  REALLY????  Well I had 4 people going with me and visions of running this half in Chi Town as a preview to the full Bank of America Marathon in October.  Now, isn’t that a cool idea?  It kinda calmed my nerves thinking about the full…

Called R&R when the opened, and was told I can easily get a spot at the Expo as there are lots to be held.  My friend was also excited and asked what time expo was.  The Expo CLOSES at 5PM Saturday??? Really?  Not like 8 or 9 pm?  What gives? That would mean the entire day Saturday away from my family (was thinking of leaving early afternoon so at least would be with everyone in am) to get to the expo in time….

With this news, everyone pretty much lost interest.  Still trying one more thing to see if we can get a hotel room through hubby’s business, and if that goes thru, the family and I might be headed there this weekend.

Sans the trip to Chi Town (that does not look promising) here is what is on the books:

Monday (today) – Stretches and Abs

Tuesday – 5 miles & Trainer

Wednesday – 3 miles

Thursday – 3 miles & Trainer

Friday – Rest and Abs

Saturday – 14 miles

Sunday – 3 miles

Has the instant world ever got the best of you too?

Note: They have since taken down the registration button.


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