Breaking one long run into two


July 21, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

Not sure how I feel about this… Didn’t make it out to run with the team this am as Hubby had to leave early to go to work.  So, that leaves me with 14 miles I need to do today and then another 3 tomorrow. My good friend txt me to ask if I was running in am and I said I was planning on it.  She wants to do 9 miles at most, so I’m thinking I can get 8 done here on the treadmill hopefully soon after the cable guy comes to pick up our old boxes as we switched to a better service 🙂  That will leave me with 9 miles tomorrow to make up the 17 total I’m supposed to run this weekend.  I have never broken up a long run, any thoughts or advise?


One thought on “Breaking one long run into two

  1. Ken Davenport says:

    I’ve broken long runs into two and it can work to your advantage. You’re starting the second run a little fatigued. Some people have to do this due to scheduling conflicts.

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