July 25, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

First things first, need to get some protein after my morning run 🙂



On my run this morning I was thinking about what motivates, or perhaps, possesses me to get up out of bed at 5 am to head outside and run.

  1. I have NEVER regretted a work out. I have heard and seen that saying so many times, but it is so true. I think about all of the mornings I used to hit snooze and then spend the rest of the day regretting not running. The times where I said I would do it later in the day and that never happened because two kids, a job and a husband got in the way. The miles I did not get to check off on my training plan. So many reasons that I can, and have, beat myself up for. Actually it is just easier to get up and run.
  2. Shoes – lol or a new running top, shorts, techie tool, etc. Every now and then getting something new to help you with running is fun and can be a great motivator. I admit, it was hard to get up this am but then I was excited that I had my new pair of Brooks Pure Cadence to wear. My old ones were getting a bit worn after training in them for two months so I stopped at Hanson’s yesterday and got a new pair. Not to into the black running shoe, but didn’t want same aqua color as I have now. The purple on the side is hot though.


What motivates you?



One thought on “Motivation

  1. TNTCoachKen says:

    It’s still dark at 5:00 AM! LOL………….

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