Back in the Game

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July 28, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

I’ve been kind of in a funk since Wednesday. Had a hard run on Saturday, then ran 7 Tuesday am, and another 6 on Wednesday am. Planned to do 6 on Thursday and Friday, but life happened.

Last Friday I was asked to interview for a promotional position at work. I found out on Thursday I will receive an offer early next week! I’m excited, and it was hard to wait all weekend, and into most of this week for the news.

On Thursday, my parents took the kids up north a day ahead of us. I had a rough time, lol. Even though I travel internationally and all for work, the shoe was now on the other foot! What in the world would I do all night without them?

Hubby was golfing 18 holes so I headed to Nordstrom after work, got a makeover, new makeup, shoes and clothes then headed to the club to meet hubby for dinner. Well after a glass of wine, no running for me Thursday night. Never mind I also had to set up the iPad we got to surprise Monkey for his family day. Family day = day we became a family with each of our kids. Pea’s first was in China when she was handed to us and Monkey’s was at DTW.

Slept in on Friday instead of up at 5 then headed to work. Excited about the new opportunity, the day flew by and before I knew it we were northbound. Never saw the kid so excited in my life when we gave him the iPad!

Went to the farmers market this morning then time to get back in the swing of things and head for a run up here with all the hills.20120728-124316.jpg

The first hill.. 0.5 miles to the top


Scenery along the way…


A little guy I luckily avoided due to his bright color!


Glad I got at least 6 in, I wanted to do more but between the loose dog in the middle of the sub and the heat, I will try to get some more miles in walking later.  Fitbit said my run was equivalent to climbing 34 flights of stairs, that’s a good sign!

What are your plans for this weekend? We are off to hit some balls! 



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