Oatmeal and Eggs & HOT Run

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August 4, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!


I LOVE my Oatmeal and Eggs after a hard run!

1/2 Cup Organic Quick Cook Oats

3 Organic Eggs Sunny Side Up in a Bit of Coconut Oil

1 Tbsp Pure Michigan Maple Syrup

Salt to Taste

It is quick to make and so filing with the protein my body needs to recover.  Plus, it tastes really good with the combination of salty and sweet!

It was a tough one this am.  I now realize the full benefit of getting up at 5 am to run.  12 miles were on the schedule and Hubby did not have to leave super early to head to work, so I decided to run with our Team in Training Group at the local Metro Park.  By the time we took off at 7 am, it was already 75 deg and FULL sun.  The first few miles were not too bad as we headed out of the park on a shaded path and then back the same way to head into the park.

Lots of hills but my friend and I were doing good.

Once we got into the park and hit mile 6, it seemed downhill from there.  Literally, it was more uphill but we were going down fast.  The sun was blaring and there was not much reprieve.  We started walking for 60 seconds beginning with mile 3 but we were now walking every half mile or so.  Mile 8, I ran out of water.  The team puts water on the course for us, but unless it is in the original container, I don’t drink it.  With all of my allergies, the risk of Gatorade or lemonade not being 100% rinsed out is not something I want to deal with out there on the course.  Not to mention, I was starving too!  Last time I ate was 6 am when I had my @chobani and Maximized Living Chocolate Protein Powder.  We called it good do do 9 and the other 3 later.

Oh well, every run can’t be perfect, right?  Next weekend I will be up at 5am for sure though getting some in before the sun rises.

What is your favorite time to run?


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