The Galloway Method

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August 7, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

As my 16 mile run is fast approaching this weekend, I have been thinking about Jeff Galloway.  More specifically, his walk/run method.  I successfully used this method at the 2012 Disney Princess and finished in 2:23:33 by running every mile then stopping to walk at every mile marker for about 60 seconds.  Seeing how I have never ran over 13.1 before, I’m thinking this run/walk thing is something I really should introduce back into my training program for these long runs to avoid injury or further hip/sciatic issues.

I dug out my copy of “Marathon, You Can Do it!” and have been skimming through it and estimating my “Magic Mile” to be 8 minutes/mile which equates to a long run pace of 12 minutes/mile.  A bit longer than the high 10/low 11 minute miles I usually run.  But, that being said, I will not get another injury!  A good friend told me to stop worrying about injury and think positive.  I need to be smart too and frankly, 16 miles scares me so I am doing what every good running engineer does, I’d developing a plan so I will NOT get injured. 

Plan:  Complete the 16 miles by running miles between 11-12 minute/miles and walking for 60 seconds every time my Garmin vibrates that I complete a mile.  Done, now I just have to execute on Saturday am too!  Oh, avoid hills too 😉

Me and the kids meeting Mr. Galloway at the 2012 Disney Princess Expo.

I’m also going to start weaving a plan for the 2013 Goofy/Dopey.

(Yes, of course I signed up for the 5K, Half and Full at Disney World) 

Check out these great plans by Mr. Galloway

I like to modify slightly to fit where I am at and also incorporate into the plans he has in his various books.  For the Chicago Full, I am following my Team in Training plan though.  How do you plan your training?  Any favorite sites?


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