Knowing our limits


August 12, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!



What limits you in life?  This past week I have been very anxious about my 16 mile run coming up. I felt limited by several facts:

  1. I have never run 16 miles before
  2. My sciatic still acts up now and then,
  3. That is a long distance
  4. How was I going to accomplish this?

Originally the run was planned for yesterday at 5 am, but with Hubby having to go to work (he is a business owner and must be there to supervise certain projects, so that was out.  I ended up sleeping in, running some errands and taking the kids to Mathnasium for their lessons.  We got home and the weather was so, so.  Off and on rain so I worked inside a bit organizing and getting the house ready for back to school.  All this time, the run was on my mind.

Hubby came home around 2:30 and the weather was perfect for a run, overcast and in the 60s – so, no better time to head out.

Mental Plan: Run between 10-12 min/miles and walk for 60 seconds and water every mile

So I ate some yogurt and protein powder, lathered up with biofreze, and started out towards a local park that was about 4 miles away.

It started to lightly sprinkle by the time I got to the park, but the rain ended as soon as it started.  I was feeling pretty good but, put on more biofreeze just to be sure.  I made a loop around the park pond and headed back towards the direction of home.  Mentally, I wanted to have at least 9 miles in before I got anywhere near home.  I ended up taking a detour loop through a sub across the street from ours and actually added on more miles than planned.  I then looped back around and ended up across the street from our sub with about 9 miles logged.  It would have been a good time to go home and stop for a quick break, but I didn’t want to.  Might have been too hard to get going again so I decided to run a bit more along the sidewalk by the main road and headed into the sub behind ours.  There are about 4 subs that are all intertwined in our one mile square area so lots of streets to run on to make the miles add up.

By this point, I was around mile 11.  I was getting close to 13.1, which is the farthest I ever went, and experiencing typical aches and pains.  Every now and then I would get a shooting pain from my sciatic but it would go away quickly.  I kept telling myself that running this long distance was supposed to hurt a bit, lol.  My plan of time and walk breaks was going well, and I actually felt much better than when I did the last 2 half marathons.  By the time 13.1 came around, I was sore, but it was manageable.  I was still doing around 11 minute miles, even with the 60 seconds walk.  At mile 14 I drank the last of my water, so I planned it to stop by my parents to refill before my final mile home.

That last mile was tough, my gait had changed, I was not limping, or did not have any pain in one specific location, but more all over exhaustion and soreness.  I was surprised my mind was still good and positive.  I also noted that, besides water, I did not take in any nutrients during this long run.  Having the protein powder and yogurt before probably kept me full, but I started to think my glycogen must have been depleted at that point.  I kept running till my Garmin read 16.00 miles and walked to find the family hanging out at the neighbors behind us.

Pea came home with me and helped me get my shoes off, and then I drank lots of coconut water, took an ice bath and then ate more yogurt and protein powder as it was about all I could stomach.

I was so proud that I did 16 miles!  I surpassed my limits, and pushed myself more mentally and physically than ever before.  I wondered if I had what it took to train for 26.2 and that was answered yesterday with “YES!”

Pace (you can see the walk breaks and the bathroom break at mile 4 or so)

Amazed I kept up this pace for this long, even when I was over 13.1!

Proper planning from the beginning, and keeping my pace between 10-12 min/mile kept my body as fresh as it could be and I did not burn out.

What limits have you placed on yourself and how have you overcome them?


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  1. Ken Davenport says:

    Great looking numbers….

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