Round and Round, Getting help to get more YOU time!

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August 19, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!


It never ends.  Laundry, Dishes, Putting things away, Organizing, Buying Groceries, Making Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Paying Bills, Homework…

The cycle continues.  Of course it does, it is part of running a household, but it can get to be a major pain sometimes and really take away from the things YOU want to do.  As a full-time, professional working mama of 2, wife and runner things can get crazy at times and overwhelming.  Just when the last load of dishes are done, another load is sitting there saying ,”HAHA, not so fast, we are here!”  Seems like all I do on some weekends.

Granted, Hubby helps out when he is not working 70 hours a week in the summer but really, as in most families, the share of all of the house crap work falls on me.  I try to be pretty relaxed as far as keeping the house up, it is not perfect, except on Tuesdays when the cleaners leave.  Most of the time there are piles of laundry to put away, kids stuff out and about, my running stuff, clothes on the floor.  For the most part, most of this stuff can wait till I have the time, but I have started to do a few things that have allowed me to have more time and wanted to share them with everyone.

It is ok to ask for help!  

As a working mama, it is nearly impossible to do it all on your own without major burn out.  Add on training for a marathon, and you don’t really have a chance in the world to have a perfect home 😉  When Hubby went back to work this Spring (he owns a construction company so it is seasonal) I started to think of ways to make MY life easier and more efficient.

These are the things I have implemented to give ME more free time:

  1. Groceries online!  Yep, well granted I still go to the store once or twice a week, I do it when the kids have Mathnasium on Saturday as the market is in the same plaza.  BUT, to make my life simpler and get all the good organic stuff we love – fruits, veggies, organic beef, chicken, cheeses, etc I rely on a company called Door to Door Organics.  I simply place my order each week ONLINE and Thursday it magically appears at my door when I get home from work.  It takes a lot of the impulse shopping out of the equation and kind of helps me plan on what we are eating for the week based on the local fruits and veggies that I have ordered.    I’m not really much of a comparison shopper but I have found most of the prices to be lower than my local Whole Paycheck, and as a bonus, the fruits and veggies last quite a bit longer and seem very fresh!  Door to Door Organics operates in several Midwest states and it requires you to select a box size as a basis.  Based on what is fresh (you can also select local) as well as preferences you can program in, each week they will create a box of fruits, veggies or both based on the availability.  You do have the option to substitute items.  Once your box is selected and choices are confirmed, you can then shop for extra fruits, veggies, meats, eggs, cheeses, and a ton more of the basic weekly items.  Check them out here  and if you are really serious, send me your email and you can get 50% off your first box!
  2. House cleaners.  Yes, ok, I realize I am very fortunate to be able to have  house cleaners once a week, but it really is a lifesaver!  It is so nice to come home every week and have my house back to square one.  Kinda makes me think of a mini vacation.  You do have to find people who you trust and we did  put off getting cleaners for several years because of this, but now that we found a great company that has the owner with the staff every visit, I don’t know what I would do without them.
  3. Laundry Service.  I don’t know about your household, but here, an unnamed person has no issue putting the laundry in the washer, transferring it to the dryer and then putting it in a big heap on the family room floor.  UGH!  This results in tons of wrinkles and in my opinion, if you are not going to fold and put away, just leave it alone!  A few months ago I was in our Dry Cleaners getting a suit cleaned for hubby when I noticed a sign that said “Wash and Fold, $1.25 a pound.”  Ok, I had no clue how many pounds of laundry we had a week but I was sold when the sign further explained that all of our laundry would be washed separately from others and they used natural detergent.  Now, I don’t send out our socks, undies and my running clothes but every Saturday I load up about 3 big laundry tubs to drop off and pick up on Monday or Tuesday.  Service is between $40 and $70 a week but considering if I do the laundry, it takes me from 9am-3pm on a weekend messing with it in between other things, it is well worth it!

Now, if only I could find someone to do the dishes and put the laundry away 😉


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