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August 28, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

I participated in a very inspirational Twitter Chat last night with FitFluential and ViewSPORT.  One of the questions asked was how often do you set/evaluate your goals?  This really got me thinking and initially I thought of the big goals – the marathons, half-marathons and trips that go along with it.  I didn’t think about the goals I set everyday, or the other “goals” outside of my running life.

Many moons ago, when it was just Hubby and I ,we used to sit down each January and plan goals for us as a couple, and then individually as well.  This was prior to having a family, so time was much more abundant, or so it seemed.  I would actually sit down with colored paper, markers and pictures to create my list for the year.  Oh, how times have changed!  I scoured the basement hoping to find an old version, but came up short.  Personally I can recall a few from memory:

  • Travel to Hawaii – still waiting
  • Get a new vehicle that we purchase outright – on # 2 now
  • Go to China – Done
  • Go to Paris – Done
  • Go to Italy – Done
  • Have a vacation home – Done

I feel sad that we totally lost track of that, and need to make it a point that we all, kids included, sit down and document some goals.   A few I will be adding to my list are:

  • Run a full 26.2 – Planned
  • Goofy Challenge 2013 – Planned
  • Hawaii Trip and Half Marathon
  • Reorganize and ReAllocate Retirement Investments
  • Take Kids to Atlantis in Bahamas

I sense that I really want to travel more, lol.  Seriously, this is an important exercise in everyone’s lives to document their dreams, and make them a reality.

On a smaller scale, we all set goals that get us through everyday.  I know I do when I look at my running schedule, and make it a priority to follow it.  I record my running data through DailyMile, but also I physically write it down in a special planner that I keep for this purpose alone.  I have monthly calendars where I record, and circle, the miles I run as well as the pace.  For me, it is pretty powerful not only to see what lies ahead, but to see what I have completed, on paper, in my own writing.  I also set work goals, what needs to be done during the day at work and at home.  I have not lost sight of these goals, as they are just a part of my life, but I was glad to get the reminder last night not to forget about my bigger goals and dreams and to document them – that is the first step in making them a reality.

How do you track your goals and dreams to make them happen?



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