Life Assessment on My Birthday


September 12, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

Yep, today is the big day!  Ate breakfast with the family, headed to work and now home, relaxing while kids do homework and then dinner and swimming – maybe a run or maybe not, hey it is my Birthday, right?

Well, been thinking all day about this past year, and I have accomplished quite a bit.  This time last year I thought running 3 miles was long, and wondered how I was ever going to do Leg 3 of the Detroit Freep Marathon that was 6.7 miles long.  This weekend I have 20 planned, and there is no doubt in my mind if it will happen, I know it will.  It does not scare me like it used to.  I love pushing myself, challenging myself.

That being said, there are things I want to change, to improve per say, so next year I can go into that birthday, stronger and healthier and wiser than the last.

The first thing I want to improve is my diet.

Now, I am limited by a lot of allergies and follow a paleo diet pretty closely, but there is always room for improvement.  Back before we traveled to China to get baby girl, we were vegetarian for a good 5 years.  We ate lots of fruits and veggies, but also some cheez-its too.  We weren’t the best vegetarians ever, as we ate lots of processed foods.

Now, the only “processed” foods I eat are Chobani yogurt, Whey protein Powder, cheeses from Italy and Whole Foods 365 potato chips.  Seriously, packaged processed foods and me do not agree.  My diet is pretty clean compared to back then, although I feel I rely on too much protein and not enough veggies and fruits.

My Tweet feed has been referencing something called #whole30.  Decided to do some research on it today and ended up downloading the Kindle edition of “It Starts With Food” written by Doug & Melissa Hartwig to find out more.  Have not had a chance to read it yet, but they also have a handy PDF on their site as well that gives you the low down on this #whole30.

Basically, for 30 days you eat REAL food.  Ok, I do that, what else.  I started to look into the details and learned you do not eat:

  • Any kind of sugar
  • Alcohol
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Dairy
  • Sulfites and other crappy additives
  • White Potatoes

Hmm, yea that would really clean up my diet and leave me with only fruits, veggies and meat.  It sounds great, but like I said, with my allergies and traveling it is hard.  I’m going to Germany next week and have my chips & whey packed and will get yogurt there too.  I need to eat, lol, and do not want to lose any weight – I’m 5’8″ and size 2 fits me with a bit of room.  If anything, I want to add some muscle.  I’m also concerned because for my long runs I have been using a mixture of honey, molasses and salt.  LOVE it and it really gets me through.  With a marathon coming up and limited options for that, giving up all these things for 30 days wont work quite right now.

So, thinking about this, there are things I can give up right now to make me healthier.  I can give up:

  • Alcohol
  • Grains – Only grain I eat is gluten-free oats and those need to stay for trip.
  • Legumes – Allergic anyways
  • I can cut out cheese, but keep my yogurt & whey for now
  • Sulfites and Additives – Giving up alcohol will take care of that and I don’t have additives anyways
  • White Potatoes – Keeping my chips for travel only, not at home

I know the authors do not intend for me to pick and choose, but sorry, going to need to at this point so I’m really not doing the #whole30 program.  Just making some small improvements for now, right away, that are practical for my situation.  I’m looking forward to reading the book and really hope to start the 30 day challenge once I return from Germany.

The second thing I want to improve is my strength.

In college, I used to weight lift about an hour a day!  My nickname was “hardbody” lol, and  I really think I am stronger now than back then, but in different ways.  You see, my upper back was trashed in a car accident many moons ago.  I do things here and there to improve it, but I need to stop using it as an excuse because I am scared to hurt myself.

I want to be able to do those cool yoga moves by the time my next birthday rolls around.  You know those ones where someone is arched over balancing on their forearms only??  That would be cool!  Now, I just need to work on my strength first.

The only thing I have decided to do right now is start the #plankaday where I hold the yoga plank position for as long as I can each day and record the time using my stopwatch on my iPhone.  Other than that, not sure what else I want to do to get strong.

Do I want to do yoga? PX90?  Insanity? TRX?…. I could go on and list a few.  I do feel like I need a specific program to follow though and one that really wont interfere with my running.  I’m going to do a bit of research in the next few days and make a decision on what to start after I return from Germany.  Whatever it is, need to take it easy as Chicago is coming up October 7th!

What kind of strength training works for you?


2 thoughts on “Life Assessment on My Birthday

  1. Carrie says:

    Happy belated Birthday! I’ve heard of the Paleo Diet and #Whole30, both of which are interesting concepts. I like the idea of a high-protein eating plan, but I could never give up Greek yogurt (specifically Chobani, my fave!) or protein powder. I think it makes sense for you to “personalize” how you follow it, though, especially given your allergies. In terms of strength training, I use free weights frequently at home (and my kettlebell–love it!), and when I go to the gym, I hit up some of the machines (like the bench press station and lateral pulldown).

    • RunFastMama says:

      Thanks for the reply Carrie. I agree with the personalization of it too for me and my allergies. I love Chobani and it even states it is corn free on their website.
      I tried kettle bells at the gym one time and it was really fun and you could do a lot with it. Might be something to think about incorporating again 🙂 Have a great day!

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