Last Night in Regensburg

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September 20, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

The work conference ended around 5:30 so I high tailed it back to the hotel to drop of my pc and hit the city!

It is important for the tourist to note walk on the left, and bikes on the right. Similar situation with people on the cobblestone and if there is a smooth surface, that’s where bikes go. Glad I didn’t get taken out tonight, bikes are everywhere.
I started out on a main entry street by the hotel.


I weaved my way though the streets.

I came across a section of booths featuring Hungarian foods and goods. If I could eat cured meats and pastries I probably would still be there! The air smelled like a giant roasted salami!

The tables were alive with color and textures.


I continued on immersed in the culture, and so craving a beer!

I discovered the bridge I ran on this morning is the famous Old Stone Bridge!


I was I search of a coo-coo clock and a stein for Hubby. They were not to be had tonight, all of the good stores were closed by 6:30. I will have to check out the airport for those gifts. The kids did get some Ningago sticker books.

I came across this!!!!


Two cups of natural yogurt were a nice snack as I weaved my way back to the hotel for the night. Glad I got to experience this incredible city! It is very clean and there is a feeling of order and society. There are no gypsy vendors on the streets. Looking forward to my next trip!


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