Happy Family Day Baby Girl


September 28, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

Eight years ago, in the Civil affairs Office in Chongqing, China we were handed a baby girl.  She weighed 12 lbs. at 9 months old and had severe pneumonia.  Today, as we celebrate that moment when we became a family, we thank God for telling us to go to China to get our little girl.

You see, lots of this story is her’s to tell, not mine.  My part of the story is we choose adoption as a first choice to build a family and here is why:

My husband and I went to Disney World in 2000 and saw a family with a little Chinese girl.  We were intrigued, but I was in the middle of my Masters Program and he was non-stop with work.  It was not time to start a family, but something stuck with us.

Now, fast forward to 2003 when we just returned from Disney World and were on a shuttle bus with a family, with a little girl from China, sitting in front of us.  We struck up a conversation and learned about adoption.  God spoke to us in that moment, our daughter was in China and we had to go get her.

Sounds crazy, right?  How often do we follow our hearts in something so different?  We knew no one who was adopting, but within a week we had an agency and paperwork was started.  It was a journey we had to take.  We were blessed with the funds, cleared all of the regulations and started the journey.  14 months later, we found ourselves in that Civil Affairs office being handed a little girl – our Sweet Pea.  One of the loves of my life.

Follow your heart and trust…


4 thoughts on “Happy Family Day Baby Girl

  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast says:

    What a beautiful story!! We have always been intrigued by adoption as well, and hope to adopt at some point. Love hearing from other parents who adopted!

  2. Love that!! We were going to adopt a baby girl from India, but all the doors just slammed shut, so it just wasn’t our time. Adoption still has a very special place in my heart. What a blessed little girl!

  3. RunFastMama says:

    Thank you everyone! We are so blessed to have both of our children through adoption. Our son is from S.Korea and the kids are best friends – they are 11 months apart too – but that story is another post in itself 🙂 If anyone has any questions about adoption, please do not hesitate to contact me at runfastmama at gmail.com

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