Final Week of Taper and October Goals


September 29, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

I’m ready to enter my final week of tapering.  After going to Germany, being sick with some awful virus and indulging in way too much cheese and wine, it’s time to reign back in my eating habits.

This taper has been hard, on more ways than one.  After being sick last weekend, my runs earlier this week were hard.  It felt awful to have a TWO mile run be hard! One run I did on the treadmill and I couldn’t wait for it to be over.  Even though the Kardashians were entertaining me, I was hot, tired and just wanted to relax.  I have had no motivation this past week either, most likely from being sick.  I also ate way too much cheese.  How do I know, you might be thinking?  If you wake up at 2 am with a stomach ache from cheese, odds are, you ate too much.

In addition to too much cheese, a glass or two of wine each night in Germany and some more this past week when I was feeling better.  Wine tends to dehydrate me, and the last thing I need going into this marathon is being dehydrated even a little bit.

I began to doubt my abilities to complete the marathon this week. If 2 miles was hard, how in the world?  I shared my concerns with a co-worker who is an experienced marathoner and coach and she gave me a great pep talk.  I am ready, everything I am experiencing is normal.  It is normal to have the fears, to get off your normal eating plan and to even get sick during taper time.  I still doubted.  I felt awful and sluggish. Can I really do this?

It is time to clean up my act this week.  To get back on track.

I had an awesome 8 mile run this afternoon.

Last time I ran an 8 mile run was July 1st and I finished in 1:28.

Today I ran 8 miles and finished in 1:17.

It is awesome to see that improvement, and it was just what I needed mentally for the Chicago Marathon next week.

I talked about wanting to clean up my diet and do the Whole30 challenge here.  It is not  a good idea to change my diet by eliminating yogurt, oats, potatoes, rice and honey before Chicago.  Vino too…

However, I have been challenged and inspired by Scott at Scott created a 28 day #SoberOctober challenge which officially starts today. Considering I am doing Chicago, then two weeks later doing the Detroit FreePress US Half and starting my Goofy Challenge training program – makes total sense to me that this would be a great challenge.  It is a good move towards the Whole30 which I plan to start sometime in October.

In addition to doing #SoberOctober, my goals for October include:

Logging everything I eat into

Completing Chicago Full Marathon

Completing Detroit US Half Marathon

Completing Kona Wicked 10K Halloween

Starting Whole30

Following my Goofy Training Plan

What goals do you want to achieve in October?


4 thoughts on “Final Week of Taper and October Goals

  1. Kylie Fouts says:

    You’re doing the Free Press half? I’m doing the whole! Good luck! You’re the first person I’ve seen doing Free Press!

    • RunFastMama says:

      Yep 😉 my work sponsors us for the relay, full or half and we have around 200+ runners each year. Last year I did leg 3 of the relay and this year US half. Good luck with the full! It is a great course.

  2. I’m doing the Chicago marathon too. I was on the fence about the detroit half, but I ended up having plans that weekend. Good luck in Chicago! I did just sign up for my first trail marathon in august- the North Country Run. I am trying to restrain myself in my post marathon slump from signing up for something crazy. ha ha! I just may have to settle with the turkey trot downtown…..

    • RunFastMama says:

      Just signed up the family for the Wicked 10k in Plymouth and also 5k Turkey Trot. After we are probably doing a few local 5ks and then off to Disney for Goofy. Still thinking about 2013 goals but most likely crazy ones, lol

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