You go Mama! GirlsGoneSporty Ambassador!


October 1, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

When it rains, it pours! I have been so blessed to be included in these incredible networks of athletes! GirlsGoneSporty recently honored me with accepting me into their group of athletes so I can spread the word as I “Live the Sporty Life!” Founded by husband and wife team, Laura and Lance Williams, Girls Gone Sporty is dedicated to sharing the top products, trends and motivational tips.

Girls Gone Sporty has an incredible website that focuses on:

  • Fitness – the latest fitness trends and workout plans
  • Fashion – the hottest/best fitness-related fashion on the market…and “just for fun” fashion, too!
  • Beauty – tips and tricks for maximizing your beauty, even when you’re active
  • Nutrition – the best ways to fuel your body to support your sporty lifestyle
  • Technology/Gear – staying ahead of the game when gearing up for your next fitness goal
  • Lifestyle – travel, adventure, women’s health, relationships – pretty much everything!
  • Interviews/Profiles – exclusive interviews with some of the most inspiring and fun “sporty” athletes and experts

My motivational tip of always setting out my workout clothes the night before has already made it into a great article! How to Motivate Yourself: 41 Ways to Help You Get Out The Door.

They also have an incredible, exclusive, Ambassador program of women that exemplify working hard, playing hard, eating right with the same goal of being their best, most positive selves.

As a new Ambassador, I look forward to joining this incredible network of sporty women who support each other, have fun together, and spread the message of healthy living. I can’t wait to engage and learn more, make new friendships, and explore some new sports along the way!

**Content taken from the GirlsGoneSporty website was used in this blog post.


3 thoughts on “You go Mama! GirlsGoneSporty Ambassador!

  1. Congrats! How exciting!

  2. That’s awesome. I’ve been meanaing to apply to Fitfluential and Sweat Pink, hadn’t heard of Girls Gone Sporty. 🙂 Way to go!!

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