I’m a Marathoner!!!


October 7, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

It’s official! I am now a marathoner! It wasn’t easy towards the end. I walked it in and now my right foot is swollen.

The last 2.5 miles were the best though as I slowed down to avoid injury and my spirits lifted. It was so awesome to be able to take in everything!

I had a huge smile on my face and crossed the finish line one very proud Mama!

More to come 🙂 Thank you for everyone’s love, support and patience for me to achieve this goal!!!



13 thoughts on “I’m a Marathoner!!!

  1. Carrie says:


  2. Way to go! It feels good doesn’t it…………..to be done that is!

  3. Caroline says:

    Congratulations on finishing!! I can’t imagine running that distance, so I’m VERY impressed. I can’t wait to read the whole recap!

  4. Congrats, what an amazing achievement!!!!!

  5. kmtreat says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an amazing journey and wonderful achievement for you.

  6. congrats!!!! this is so awesome! you deserve the title! (:

  7. Jen says:

    Congratulations! Great accomplishment 🙂 The last few miles are always the toughest! Way to stick with it 🙂

  8. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’ve yet to get a 10k under my belt and here you are racing fulls! 🙂

  9. Congrats! You finished and now you are marathoner! So happy for you.

  10. TNT Coach Ken says:

    If it was easy, everyone would do it! LOL……

  11. dixonrunning says:

    GREAT JOB OUTTA YOU!! Take care of that foot! Welcome to the 1% of the human population who proudly hold the title of “Marathoner”!!

  12. Rebecca says:

    Fantastic job!! You worked hard for this and its a well deserved title!!! Now rest that foot!

  13. RunFastMama says:

    Thank you everyone! Still seems surreal that I ran a marathon on Sunday!

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