What a Weekend – Detroit 5K Recap and US Half


October 21, 2012 by Lisa Run Fast Mama!

What a crazy, busy weekend! I planned it that way, though. The kids didn’t have school Thursday or Friday, and my parents offered to take them Up-North.

This is the second time they both have been gone, I go crazy! I can’t stand being home and need to book activities non-stop to make the time go by.  So, Thursday was dinner with an old friend and Brio, and Friday night was Somerset Mall and dinner at Capital Grille with my friends, and colleagues, visiting the US from Pisa, Italy.

On Saturday, Hubby and I headed to the Detroit Free Press Marathon Expo. Before I got hurt, the original plan was for us to run the US Half Marathon together. Granted, Hubby ignored the training plan I gave him… None the less, that was the plan. With my foot injury though, the plan had to change.

We took the obligatory photos under the giant count down clock.

The folks at the Detroit Freep Marathon were kind enough to let me swap my 13.1 bib for a 5k one. No way I could do the half in my foot boot, but wasn’t going to pass on the awesome 1953 Corvette medal!

20121021-165027.jpgThe US Half Medal is on the left and the 5K on the Right.

I had to have it!

We finished up at the expo, went grocery shopping, I got my hair cut…  Saturday night my work sponsored a team pasta dinner. Granted, all I could eat was a plain salad, but Hubby enjoyed the meal, and I was happy because time was flying by!

We woke up at 4:30 this morning to head down to the D. Man, was it cold!  The temps were around 40F so I layered like crazy as I knew walking the 5K wouldn’t get me too warm.

After a bit of confusion, we made it to the 5K start.  One thing I have noticed about Detroit is they really need signs directing people to the start corrals of the races.  They also need to add the 5K start to the maps provided with the parking locations.

Before I knew it I was off.  I tried to take it slow, but my speedy, boot power walk combo had me passing and weaving. I just couldn’t help it.  I am not a slow walker at all, even with my boot for my sprain on my foot.

The 5K was a nice, flat route and I managed to find Coach Ken from TNT as well as my friend and her son who were also doing the 5K. I stopped to chat for a bit and went on my way.

Loved seeing Downtown when the sun came up!

Before I knew it, I was at the finish line.

Official Time was 49:17, not even close to a PR, but what can I expect with a giant boot strapped to my right foot?

Hubby found me right away after I finished and it was now time to prepare for him to run the US Half at 11.  Not sure why it started so late, 10 might have been better, but none the less.  Once again, my work treated us right and rented out a bar near the Fox Theater for our after party.  We jumped on the people mover to Grand Circus Park and located the party it so I would know where to go after seeing Hubby off in US Half.  We then walked back to the people mover and headed to the Greektown Station, which was near the US start.

Hubby and I were starving!  I had yogurt and boiled eggs packed for us to eat. We found a spot to sit in Fishbones restaurant and ate our goodies.  Soon it was time for him to take off. He was pretty nervous as he did not train at all!  Granted he works out, but he didn’t do a running program.  Against my direction, of course 😉

None the less, he really wanted to do this.  Perhaps it is the fact that I just ran a full and have more medals?? Hmm..

I would be totally lying if I said I wasn’t worried about him.  He has run 11 miles out of no where before, but yea. After the gun went off, I hopped on the People Mover and headed to the Bar for my work’s after party.  I hung out, relaxed, and checked my iPhone every now and then to track his location.  Around 1pm he just was crossing the bridge to get off of Belle Isle so I headed back to the finish line area.

I waited about 20 minutes or so till I saw him round the corner onto Fort Street and head towards the finish line!

Once he was done, I gave him some food and his coat.  We boarded the mover, once again, to head towards the Bar.  So glad we parked our truck near the Fox in the morning!

It was finally time to celebrate!

Hubby’s First Half Marathon with a PR of 2:40:59!!!


6 thoughts on “What a Weekend – Detroit 5K Recap and US Half

  1. Carrie says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend packed with fitness! Can’t believe you tackled the 5-K with the boot–you’re tough!

  2. So glad you still got to participate!!
    What kind of fancy work do you do with all those perks?! 🙂

  3. Rebecca says:

    Great job & dedication! It was COLD! I swear 10 degrees colder in Canada…. took forever to get the dhill out afterwards…..

    Congrats to hubby on his first half with a great time…

    • RunFastMama says:

      Yes! It was freezing! I layered running tights under my yoga pants and layered three shirts and a jacket! Wore mittens too! So glad I never got a chill though as we were down there till 2!

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