2012 Crim Festival of Races

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Since I had 14 miles to do on Saturday, a friend talked me into doing the Crim.  They have a 10 Mile, 8K, 5K and a 1 Mile run.  She suggested all 3, before I checked the elevation map, I signed myself up for the 10 Mile and the entire family for the 8K.  I figured I would finish the 10 Mile pretty close to the start of 8K, so might as well as it would get me the 14 miles on the schedule for the day.

Friday night we headed out to the Flint area.  We made it to the expo a little after 6 and went to get our shirts and bibs.

There were a ton of great vendors and it was pretty easy in, easy out.  I collect Pandora charms for each major race I do, and the Crim was no exception.  I ordered a charm from Runner’s Feat http://www.runnersfeat.com, and can not wait for it to arrive.  The kids had a blast getting the good food given out by Cascadian Farms – they now have a new favorite cereal, Oats and Honey Granola, and the chips from Food Should Taste Good.

Several race vendors were also in attendance, and it solidified the decision to run the 2012 Detroit Turkey Trot when we all saw this beauty they will be giving out:

Detroit 2012 Half Marathon also is awarding another beautiful medal this year as well:

It was nice to see the City of Flint so vibrant and full of life and excitement!

We then headed to Frankenmuth to stay at Bavarian Inn for the night.  By the time we got checked in, it was a little after 7 and everyone was starving.  We headed to the room to drop our bags off and noticed we were right above the:

Notice the Entertainment Nightly, lol, this meant a band outside.  Right outside our window… I went to talk to the front desk while everyone else headed to the Schnitzelbank for some food.  Turns out, I booked the biggest room in the Inn… who knew?? The next largest room was by the pool.  I can not deal with the smell of chlorine and am really allergic to it.  So, the last thing I needed for my run was a sinus infection, which is pretty much guaranteed.  The management promised they would stop playing at 11pm , so we kept the room.

We had a fun and relaxing dinner then headed for a walk to burn off some energy before bed.  Everyone but Mama fell sound asleep right away, of course the music kept me up.

Up bright and early at 5:30, we were out the door and to Flint by 7am.  Parking was a breeze, as we basically pulled off I-475 right into a U of M Flint lot.  All was well until Daddy and Monkey tried to move this 4″ creature off someone’s car to a tree.

The thing flew right at me, (no clue they flew) and I screamed so loud people stopped and stared.  Oh well, the creature got moved and we headed to the starting area.

The 10 Mile race went off at 7:45 am for people who have run all 35 of the Crim 10 Mile races!  Amazing!  Then at 8, they had the rest of us run starting with wave A.  I was in wave C, and it is seemed only 1-2 minutes were between the waves.  The beginning of the race was a bit crowded, and at one time I had to go up on the grass, but it opened up and evened out pretty quickly.

The weather was getting warmer as the sun kept coming up and before you knew it, we were running over hills!  I had no clue Flint had such different elevations!

Normally, I do my run one mile, walk 60 seconds, but decided not to for this race.  I wanted to see what I could do.  It got a bit tough for me around mile 6 and after that I walked a bit randomly, but my Garmin kept showing numbers in the 9 minute/miles which is much quicker than my normal 10+ min/mile for my long runs.  The heat really started to get to me around mile 8, when I stopped to walk for a bit and txt Hubby that it might not be a good idea to subject the kids to heat stroke, and maybe we should skip the 8K?

None the less, I kept going until I hit the bricks!  The Crim race ends on Saginaw Street which is made up of old, bright red bricks!  It was really cool, but I also had to pay attention to my footing more as now was not the time to trip or twist an ankle.  I ended the 10 Mile with a time of 1:38:01 and average pace of 9:49!  I totally blew away what I expected to do!

Check out the even splits too!

I got an ice-cold towel, my medal, and some water and then got my phone out to try to find the family.  Turns out, they already started the 8K as Pea was anxious!  I needed a bathroom break, but decided to wait a bit and try to catch them.  So, I literally  ran from the 10K finish to the 8K start.  The guy at the starting line looked at me like I was lost, and I explained I had my 8K bib under my 10 Mile one and I stopped and proceeded to repin to show him.

I was then off again and caught up with the Family about a quarter of a mile after the start.  Lucky for me, they were WALKING the race.  My first thought was this was going to take FOREVER and I still needed a bathroom break, but after a bit, it actually became really fun just to walk with everyone and experience the crowds and people around us.  The kids started to get hot right away, and Pea and I have a joke that I need to “water” her when she gets warm so I poured the rest of the water out of my container over her head.  Pretty soon though, we found a hose that a spectator set up for the runners and walkers.  They were all through-out the course, and the cold water was welcome in the 85 deg temps.

For me, it was deja vu on the course but fun to stop and take some pictures as well.

An hour and forty minutes later we were on the bricks.

Didn’t I just run 10 miles in under the time it took us to walk less than 5 miles ???? None the less we walked an 8K in around 1:40 and had a blast!

 We will defiantly be back next year to participate in this great race!  Thank you to  Crim Fit, the City of Flint and the AWESOME crowds!


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