2012 Disneyland Cars Land Road Rally 5K

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We got up bright and early to walk to the starting line of the Cars Land 5K Road Rally.  The entire family (Hubby, Pea (My Daughter – As in Sweet Pea:) and Monkey (My Son) were excited after a good night’s sleep.  One nice thing about Disneyland is as long as you are staying at one of their three resorts, you can walk everywhere!  No waiting for busses.

The race started promptly and they did several waves based upon letting a certain amount of people start together, or at least that is what I assume they did.  In usual Disney fashion, it was a grand event – streamers this time instead of the usual fireworks.  Probably due to the close proximity of the parking garage.

The race took us on quite the fun path!  Kinda looks like Goofy based on my Garmin Map :)

The course stayed pretty crowded throughout, and it is a good thing it was not a timed event because it would have probably been much crazier.  Disney should probably assign real corrals though, because there were several serious runners going full tilt weaving through the crowds.  We started off mid crowd and yes, I admit, once Pea got going we did some weaving of our own :)  What can I say, the girl likes to run :)  We lost Daddy and Monkey in the crowd and stopped to take a picture with some cute cars after we made it through the Castle.

Once we rounded the turn out of the Castle and back up to Fantasyland, Mama spotted them and convinced Pea to wait two seconds for them to catch up to us.  It was amazing to be running through Disneyland for our first time in the park!

We then headed into California Adventure land and took a quick break.  After that, we continued along Paradise Pier and talked about all the rides we wanted to go on. Before we knew it, we were on Route 66 and the finish line was in sight!

We headed over to get our medals!! Love the detail even though they are the vinyl ones ;)

RunDisney was handing out the Dasaini (Cant Have due to Corney vitamins) and goody boxes – I was pleased to see Organic Raisins!  Finally, something I could eat!

In usually Mama fashion, I had breakfast for us planed near by at Ariel’s Grotto.  After questioning several Cast Members, we were told to make our way back thru the parks (Headed towards Grand California Hotel and then back up to Paradise Pier to avoid race) to Ariel’s Grotto.  About 50 ft from the Grotto, Disney Security stopped us and questioned what we were doing.  After a quick explanation that I had reservations at 8:10am, they checked our tickets we went into the restaurant.  It was very quiet, kinda odd considering we had reservations.  I found a Cast Member and was told they open at 8:10.  Um, ok, where is everyone else then? In Disney Word these places are booked like crazy after a race.  At 8:10 we were told that due to the race, they were not letting guests into the park and the Princesses would be delayed until at least 9.  We were all STARVING so we decided just to eat.  It was nice being the only guests, and we relaxed while we watched the rides go thru their test cycles.

The Chef of Ariel’s Grotto came out and I discussed how I am allergic to Corn, Soy, Nuts, Beans, etc and no seasonings except EVOO since most salts and seasonings use corn as a separator.  She assured me that she could fix me a wonderful breakfast I could enjoy.  After about 20 minutes, our main platters came out and even Hubby commented on how much better mine looked since it was just all pure foods!

I was shocked how much food she made just for me but I am not ashamed to say I ate at least three-quarters of it.  I was hungry and it was good!

After that, we hit some rides and headed back to the hotel for an afternoon siesta to re-coup from an early morning.


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