2012 Hansons Running Bill Roney 5K

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5K with kids – Bill Roney Memorial 5K 

Finished my run with the ladies and headed home to some scrambled eggs and drank 2 Nespresso pods of coffee while I got everyone’s race apparel and Hanson’s Yellow Team shirts ready!  Once we all ate and were ready, we headed out to Fitzgerald Elementary in Utica.  Wow, such a nice, organized race.  We were running pretty late, but that did not seem to effect us much at all. Got the bibs, timing chips and 4 size Medium shirts, lol. Since we were late, that is all they had left – a bit too big for me, a bit too small for hubby (although I do need to have him try one as they do look large and are nice quality Brooks shirts).   

We got ourselves ready and Hubby headed to the start of the runners while the kids and I lingered in the back.  No need to have anyone weave around us, although, I must say my kids did some weaving themselves.  We were off!  One thing I must say is it was very hard to hear at this race, hard to hear the starting announcements and hard to hear the raffle drawing – but no biggie! 

We ran and then took some walk breaks throughout the race and the kids did awesome!  For me, it was a nice chance to stretch my muscles after the hills this am and at this pace, a walk in the park, lol. We rounded the last corner and Daddy was waiting for us, Pea and I took off (she is very competitive lol and saves up her speed for the end of the races) towards the finish line and Daddy ran Monkey to the line.  It was so sweet that Hansons gave all the 5K kids finisher medals!  You can see one of ours in the picture below with the nice shirts we got!  If anyone wants a medium from this race, just let me know – 3 are up for grabs! 

They ROCKED Roney for a 5K and their ages!

Pea 37:28.3 (12:07 pace)

Me with Pea 😉 37:28.8

Monkey 37.32.4 

Hubby PRd Bigtime for just starting running!  26:43.7!  (8:37 pace)


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