2012 ShamRock n’ Roll 10K

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Wow, talk about an awesome race!  We left the house at 6 and made it to downtown Plymouth right around 7am.  Parking was easy, finding Kellogg Park was easy to find and packet pickup was quick!

Right after Pea wanted to enter the costume contest.  It is rumored that St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, well, there was one left!

After that I took a quick walk to the truck to get us all muffins, and took a final bathroom break before getting in place for the 10K.  Coach Ken found us right away too, and it was nice to chat for a minute as he commented on my Hanson’s Yellow Team jersey – my first race in it.  Then, I was off!  Hubby, Monkey and Pea (Snake) were all waiting just a bit longer to do the one mile.

Wow, this was an awesome race, not too crowded either.  I positioned myself somewhat in the front, but not too close, so I would not have to do any weaving around and took off.  We ran thru lots of subdivisions and had tons of people cheering us on!

Nice, wide streets to run on too!  I sure felt I was taking off way too fast.  My Garmin kept reporting my instant pace numbers below 9 minutes/mile.  But, I felt fine.  I was worried about burning out towards the end, but as the race progressed, I kept the pace and still felt fine!

The run went by pretty quick and I stayed in a pack of the same people.  This one poor guy was dressed in shamrock tights and a wig.  Before mile 1 he was pulled over the side getting the tights off and just wearing his shorts.  I imagine the tights must have been women’s and did not fit him that well, lol.  It was a great crowd and very up beat

Look at my splits!  Almost negative! Mileage was off a bit so not sure what was up with that…better that it is more I guess but my time was right on.

Before I knew it, we were passing mile marker 5!  It seemed to get harder from this point on, lol.  Perhaps because I was pushing myself as I knew I could give it my all for one lousy mile!  Right after mile marker 6, I saw Coach Ken – He asked how I was doing and I told him I think 13 minute miles or so, lol.  When I first started with Team in Training end of 2009/Early 2010 my goal pace was 12 minutes/mile!  Wow, no more!  He ran with me for a bit and then when I left him he shouted to “Push it!” and push it I did!

I started to come into the area right before the finish line, the sides of the roads were lined with crowds and I heard “Go Mama!”  I knew my family was there watching me even though I was way to focused to finish and not fall flat on my face, I really gave this race my all and am so proud to say I beat my goal of 1 hour!  New PR!

 NEW PR OF 55:29.9, 8:57/M


After I got my well deserved bling, I met up with the family! We walked back to the truck (I hobbled, seems some kind of pinched nerve in my butt or behind my knee – icing behind my knee now as I type) to get some food and then walked in a store or two.

Pea was anxious with the time as the costume contest winners were going to be announced at 9:45 am.  We headed to the stage and sure enough!!!


I am so proud of her!  She was a bit shy at first with all the attention she got, but then started to warm up and be excited!  It was totally her idea to wear her Cobra costume for this event and she even slithered one mile in it!

Such an awesome event, well worth the early wake up time and so well organized from start to finish!  We will be back!


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